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Anxiety and Apraxia

First thing's first:  There is hardly any scientific evidence to properly claim that kids with Apraxia are more likely to have anxiety.

There's still a long way in diagnosing each effectively and given that past generations were not properly diagnosing Apraxia nor Anxiety, it's an extremely difficult to study to put in place. Also, on a very basic analytical level, it is very difficult to say one causes the other. We can say that maybe Apraxia and Anxiety are correlated, meaning they are related somehow. But to say that Apraxia automatically causes Anxiety is an extremely bold statement.

With that in mind, my personal opinion on this concern is purely anecdotal.

I do strongly believe that there is a relationship between having Apraxia and anxiety. But, it's not the fact that you can't talk that gives you anxiety; it's the mentality that comes with it. When you're raised well-knowing that you are behind others intellectually, physically, and socially- It com…