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TIPS! The Apraxia National Conference!

I'm attending the Apraxia National Conference next week in Charlotte, North Carolina and it's only my second year attending! My time at the conference has been interesting to say the least; last year I spoke with my Mom and this year I am attending as an Apraxia Kids Board Member. Despite my different roles, there are some tips and good things to know for anyone attending:

1. Prepare to be overwhelmed
There is so much information! If you're not overwhelmed emotionally by the amount of experts, professionals, first-hand Apraxia accounts all in one place, your brain will definitely be overwhelmed by all the information.

My Tip? Take Notes. They don't need to capture every single detail [as much as we'd like to], but at least write out 2-5 of the biggest takeaways from each session. It'll keep the Big Ideas fresh and easy to return to when you go home.

2. Talk to People
This includes NEW people. Sure, you will see your friends, maybe even Facebook Friends, but th…