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Are They Dating Me or My Accent?

Dating is already awful, especially in this era where you score a great or a terrible date with a simple finger swipe across your phone screen. Throw in a rare speech disorder, and that's a curve ball. Sure, there's dating books and blogs that offer advice, but there are no books about dating with a unique accent or disorder. I just googled "Dating a girl with apraxia of speech" and absolutely nothing useful arose. There's no dating advice for funny accents and apraxia-having girls.  I already know what Apraxia is, but nothing on 'dating with a rare speech disorder.' Thanks Google.  I have had boyfriends in the past and currently I go on occasional dates here and there. Regardless, my speech or accent always arises as a discussion topic. Mainly since I address it straight away. If I do not blatantly admit it, I'm not truly showing who I am. Especially with all the Apraxia activism I'm involved with, I am compelled to share this with othe

Finding Your Voice When You Need It Most

Apparently bullies are not limited to elementary school playgrounds, but in college as well. I encountered a college bully today, in my Methods Lab, who happens to be the T.A as well. This T.A consistently says condescending remarks that belittle individuals and unfortunately hinders a good-learning environment. I found out today, thanks to Google, that a bully is a person that uses their strength or power to harm or intimidate those who are weaker. Well mister T.A guy-you tr y to harm and you do try to intimidate and while others may accept that learning environment, I refuse. I refuse to be belittled and I will not be intimidated. Please, I worked my ass off way too hard in speech therapy, special ed, remedial math, tutoring, school in general, be intimidated by a man who thinks his potential Master's degree makes him too good to be a decent human being. I also refuse to believe that I or anyone in this class is stupid and "slow." I don't want the "wo

Qualified to Inspire

Early in the Fourth Grade semester, Miss Kelly began to take our attendance. Once again, I was dreading this moment. Anxiety and the butterflies in my stomach, knowing I'd have to say a word I cannot say correctly in front of my classmates. She went through the list of names, it felt like eternity. My pounding heart deafening my ears, it was difficult to hear. Nausea and the room seemingly getting smaller; it felt like she'd never say my name! She finally said, "Alyson Taylor." My heart stopped. I heard my name. What do I do again? Oh-I remember! I shot my hand up and said,  "Here!" She noted my presence. Some jerk boy behind me chuckled and mocked me, "Heeee-uhhhh." I tucked my head downwards; staring at my desk and disregarding his comment. My good friend, Ashley, who sat close by and comforted me with, "Ignore him." I smiled, at least I had a friend beside me and one that knew this guy was being a jerk. Despite