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Dear Parents

So, it happened. Your child was diagnosed with Apraxia of Speech. If you're in the beginning of your journey, I am sure you're overwhelmed. If you're a couple years or several years into this journey, I am sure you're still overwhelmed. Overwhelmed to find answers. Overwhelmed because not a single parenting book even mentioned this. How to raise a child with a rare speech disorder, how to handle a teenager with an accent? You know absolutely nothing about this. What's even worse-there is no right or wrong path for this journey either. But there is one vital factor that I am positive your child with Apraxia would like you to know. Regardless of where they are in their journey, none of this is your fault. So, please, quit blaming yourself. Quit thinking that one medication caused your child's Apraxia, quit reading into these conspiracies and odd-ball studies saying that if you did this *insert random activity here* then your child is likely t