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If There's One Thing I Could Change

Despite the years of speech therapy and the frustration that comes with the fact I still cannot order a #4 Combo at Taco Bell (I can't say '4,' seriously, I say "The Mexican Pizza Combo" every single time! Anyways, I digress)-I would not change my Apraxia. I would not want to get rid of it. I would hate to lose my accent. I would hate to have missed the journey I went on. I would have missed the late nights of homework between speech therapy and school. I would have missed out on learning that you can still fail miserably, even if you try your best. I would have missed out on learning life lessons far beyond my years.  I would not change my Apraxia.  But, if I could, I would change how others look at it. See, Apraxia is not a 'bad thing.' Annoying, yes, and even irritating-but Apraxia on its own is treatable. The issues though with the Apraxia Journey always seems to come down to those around us. It's the annoying family

The Path to Success

suc·cess səkˈses/ noun the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

Apraxia & Foreign Languages

How does one, with Apraxia or its reminiscent effects, learn a foreign language? Everyone has their own opinions and experiences with this. Some despise forcing kids to learn a language that they lack interest in. Some hate that their child already struggles with English, why would we dump ANOTHER language on them? This is a controversy I hope to address, at least by sharing my personal journey with it. Before though, let me disclose that my experience is my own. It is not indicative that it can and will be the same for every individual with Apraxia. I know for a fact that learning a foreign language can be a struggle for anyone, with or without a speech disorder. But I also believe that it is a subject that is possible, but albeit difficult, to learn. Fun Photo: Andalucia, Spain Now, about my adventures in learning a different language. I am bilingual; fluent in English and Spanish. I've studied Spanish for 8 years in my education, throughout High School and I majo