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What Children With Apraxia Want You to Know

You all have been incredibly busy on your Apraxia Journeys! Social media and Apraxia Journey updates are buzzing as the summer closes and back to school season begin. I had several ideas all at once and I was excited to share ALL of them! I'm hoping at least 1 of them is relatable for you and your child. Perhaps some of them can be longer blog posts in the future! So, here we go, Things Children With Apraxia Want You To Know: 1. We do not want to be our disorder.  There is absolutely nothing worse than being known for the way you speak, or the fact you speak 'funny' or 'differently.' We definitely appreciate being called according to our awesome names and a hobby or interest of ours. Imagine, would you like to be known as "Mary with a Toe Thumb?" Well, the last thing any child wants is to be known as "Susie with Apraxia." Personally speaking, where do you think the title of "Girl With A Funny Accent" came from? Yes, that wa