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Confidence is a choice. Confidence is my choice.

The Apraxia Conference and conversations with fellow attendees all lead to a common topic: Confidence. 
How are you so confident speaking? 
I wish I had an ounce of that confidence. 
So on and so forth. 
I am not downplaying these remarks, confidence on the apraxia journey-or life journeys without Apraxia-is perplexing. 
Confidence appears arrogant if expressed inappropriately. 
Confidence appears insecure if expressed without humility. 
Confidence is difficult.
People mistake confidence for being a characteristic, or a person's trait. It's just "how they are."
To that, I disagree. 
Confidence is a choice. It's a constant, almost daily choice that a person makes.
One doesn't wake up and say "I'm going to be confident from here on out." 
Um, no!
If I let you in on a little secret, my confidence was tested at that Apraxia Conference. It always is. 
Sure, I can present-but I nervous talk. Every time I ba…

Conference Realizations

Just got back from the Apraxia Kids Conference in Pittsburgh. The information and expertise at your fingertips, every minute of the day, for two and a half days; it's empowering and overwhelming, in the best way possible.

I wish I could give a breakdown of each session for those reading this, but I cannot do them justice. The respective speakers covered a lot of material in so little of time; from techniques for fellow SLP's, the potential role of Genetics and the Brain on a child with CAS, other diagnoses that may play a role in this journey, firsthand experiences, and even Fathers' and Siblings' perspectives as well.

Simply put, there is something for everyone at this conference.

But, for me, this conference; I struggled with my own identity and what niche I related to. Sure I am a blogger and on the board, but even these are a small niche with a group of 500+ people.

You see, I am not an SLP.

I am not a Parent with a child diagnosed.

I am no longer an older child or…