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What 26.2 Miles Taught Me

Eight months of training.  10-40 Miles a Week of Running. No Crazy Friday Nights. Saturday mornings running at 5am for 32 Weeks. And for some crazy reason, it was all worth it on that Sunday morning in Long Beach. 26.2 Miles, a full Marathon, beginning at 6am and ending whenever I finished. This was my first full marathon. It was about as emotionally draining, overwhelming, and rewarding as you can imagine. For someone like me, who never considered herself to be a runner, someone that started athletics in special-ed P.E for poor coordination; I never thought I'd find myself at a Marathon Starting Line yet alone the Finish Line. Fun fact, only 0.5% of the U.S Population has ever done a Marathon. I'd be joining this elite group of athletes well knowing that I still trip once every 8 Miles. I ran that Marathon for those that couldn't and for my 26th birthday. I ran for that little girl who was told she couldn't. I ran that distance for people that dream of d