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New Years

The end of 2019 and the anew of 2020. The end of a decade and the start of a new one. My posts usually revolve around the Apraxia Journey; however, this one I may digress. Understanding that for those reading, your past year was-I'm sure-impacted by Apraxia or perhaps a new diagnosis entirely. Or perhaps it was a plateau year or one of exponential growth for the diagnosed child. Or even more daunting, it was a change for you- a change in career, a change in finances, or a relationship change. At the end of this year, and whatever may have happened, you are exactly where you need to be for the coming year. For myself included, this year was marked with harsh realities and finding the strength to be optimistic. It was realizing that people have their secrets and truly only share what they want the world to know-in person and on social media. It's learning that the concept of 'having control,' is an impossible one to uphold. Sure we can make the best decision