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Small Actions Pave the Quest for Hope

We can't control what happens, but we can control our response. In the midst of an Apraxia journey, comorbidities, and now the economic and emotional toll of COVID-19-finding a way to respond feels next to impossible when we're overwhelmed and emotionally drained. We think about this 'response', and we just can't tangibly say what this response is. Now more than ever, our response to crisis-mode is action. It's a small action, it's setting up an alarm in the morning and knowing that you cannot hit s nooze . It's getting up every day when you just really don't want to. It's as simple as making your own schedule and sticking to it in this new normal, assuring yourself you will make breakfast and coffee at 8am every day. On my Apraxia Journey, which has lasted the last twenty years, I learned I can't control everything.  I've had plenty of defeated moments of wondering why I have to deal with this and how on earth am I going to r