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Life Update

It`s been a while since I last blogged, and typically I`d be disappointed for falling off  the blogging bandwagon. But at this point in my life journey, I`m more excited and focused on other life pursuits that seems to keep me going. Back in June, I became a part of the Great Resignation. I was actually given 3 different job offers within 2 weeks of each other, and ultimately decided to go for a Paralegal role with a cybersecurity company, called Venafi. This is an industry I have been interested in just given the constant growth of technology in our society, but this is also an industry that is very different from my 6 years of experience in Entertainment and Theme Parks. The company and the team are great; it`s been a fully remote position for years prior to COVID and now I get to work from home as a stay-at-home dog mom to my rescue dog McTavish. To say the least, I love that my commutes are walking my dog around the block and I love having a flexible schedule. I also love being a p