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Dear Parents

Dear Parents, Look I get it-there is no perfect way to parent. I don't need a kid to know the realities that raising a child, or children, doesn't come with a guidebook of the perfect parenting strategy. There also isn't a perfect solution to raising a kid with Apraxia-if there was, I'm sure it would be a rather popular work of literature. My parents are sometimes asked how they raised me, how in the world they raised me with Apraxia to be as confident as I am. This question was asked at the conference, in messages, etc. Now, this is not intended to praise myself, but it's a testament to my parent's strategies in raising me. My dad always stood by the idea that, "Parents don't only raise children, they are raising future adults." This philosophy fueled their decision making and provided me a childhood that any child, Apraxia or not, is deserving of. My parents knew when I was young that I did not need any further help in being different or

School Survival

Back to school time: new clothes, school supplies, and hopefully a child's excitement to meet new friends. But, for kids with Apraxia? Now back to school can mark a whole slew of different issues. Nervousness, anxiety and even stress for both parents and children alike. Recently, Laura the blogger on SLP Mommy of Apraxia reached out to me and shared the struggles of a 2nd grader in Colorado with Apraxia. Frankly, this young girl and I have a lot in common. She struggles with the middle and final /r/ sound, tries to make friends but is irritated when others ask about her 'accent,' and the bigger issue that no one knows what Apraxia is at her age. I'd love to share her name, but I also want to respect her privacy on the internet for obvious reasons. It's just this second grader is going through the same exact journey I went through in Elementary School. The anxiety, the frustration, and it simply amazes me that even despite all the progress we've made in

Awkward Wedding Conversation

Look, as you guys clearly know, I have a funny accent and I've also had my fair share of awkward conversations. It's just bound to happen. But this, this was a first for me and frankly I cannot help but to share. It is too funny not to! I attended one of my college friend's wedding this past weekend and there was a beautiful diverse pool of guests just celebrating their union-I loved it! Plus the beautiful venue by the beach and seeing old friends was also lovely! What else was very clear from the wedding was the bride, Sarena, and the groom, Joseph, successfully united various people from all different walks of life and cultures. There definitely was a strong cultural fusion; it was bound to happen. Sarena is from Los Angeles, a city known for it's diversity, and Joseph was from England, with family members flying for the special day. There were accents everywhere! You had people with "American accents," speaking Chinese, I even noted some Spanish her