Awkward Wedding Conversation

Look, as you guys clearly know, I have a funny accent and I've also had my fair share of awkward conversations. It's just bound to happen.

But this, this was a first for me and frankly I cannot help but to share. It is too funny not to!

I attended one of my college friend's wedding this past weekend and there was a beautiful diverse pool of guests just celebrating their union-I loved it! Plus the beautiful venue by the beach and seeing old friends was also lovely!

What else was very clear from the wedding was the bride, Sarena, and the groom, Joseph, successfully united various people from all different walks of life and cultures. There definitely was a strong cultural fusion; it was bound to happen. Sarena is from Los Angeles, a city known for it's diversity, and Joseph was from England, with family members flying for the special day.

There were accents everywhere! You had people with "American accents," speaking Chinese, I even noted some Spanish here and there too. Joseph's friends and family also sprinkled in the infamous British accents. I happened to sit at a table with my two college friends, Gaea and Samantha, but the remaining of the table were all from or currently living in England (they were Joseph's co-workers and friends).

Now, you guys should know this, sometimes I lie about my speech and just say I was from England or Australia. But, obviously, I couldn't get away with it this time.

During a conversation at the table, the topic arose...

"So, where is your accent from? It doesn't sound British..." the guy beside me asked rather loudly, sparking a table discussion.

Here we go; luckily there's an open bar...Surrounded by people with accents and I still somehow have a 'funny accent'...

I suggested that he guess my accent, which merely perpetuated into the entire table guessing where I was from. I would speak and say random words as clues to help them pinpoint the accent.

My college friends snickered and said, "They already knew the truth."

I have to admit it's interesting to see people, with accents as well, try to guess where my accent was from. That was definitely a first and I couldn't stop laughing.

The ideas were thrown out- New Zealand, Boston, Spain, etc.

The table was done guessing and clearly wanted to know the truth.

I laughed and said, "It's a speech disorder, Apraxia, I had as a kid and now I have an accent."

Trust me, no one ever guessed that.

I further explained what Apraxia is along with my heavy involvement with CASANA and blogging.

Even in an awkward wedding conversation, I successfully taught people living internationally about this speech disorder. There's always an opportunity to educate new people!

Likewise, I should also thank them for breaking my writer's block. What better story is there than awkward and funny wedding conversations with new people, right?!