Dating Advice With Apraxia Accents

So, rather than all the really deep posts about the Apraxia Journey. I like to sprinkle in some lightheartedness here and there. What better way to share something super personal with you guys right?

Anyways, as you guys know, I have what sounds like an accent.

Big surprise, right?

Well, when it comes to dating I really have no idea what I am doing; throw in this accent thing and there's no guide book.

I wish there was, I could just see it now,  "Dating Handbook for People with an Accent because of Apraxia."

I'm thinking it would be New York Times Best Seller. Anyways, I digress.

On dates, when my accent comes up-which it does often, as I tend to talk a lot- I receive various responses:

1. Apraxia, I had never heard of that before. That must have been rough...etc

2. I never would have guessed that you were in 'those' programs. It definitely didn't stop you...

3. I think accents are hot *face palm*

I'm used to all 3 and even their slight variations. But, what dawned on me recently (after a few dates with an awesome guy, yes I told him I was writing a post about this) and what I wish I would have known AGES ago...

If the guy I'm seeing has an accent, then it doesn't matter that I have one too!

Seriously, 24 years later and I realized this now. See, he has an accent too since he has lived abroad for a very large chunk of his life. I mentioned where my accent came from and, to which, he responded in a way that no other human being has ever responded.

He replied, "It [the accent] makes all of your points just sound more intelligent and charming."

Charming, more intelligent?

Now, it may be just some dumb flirtatious line, but he swears by it. This got me thinking, which I tend to do a lot of. I was thinking that he has an accent, I have what sounds like an accent, and his experiences abroad-he's heard a lot of different accents and dialects...

He does not hear nor emphasize my accent. He doesn't pay attention to my accent at all.

He hears my points, my jokes, and my comments. None of which are marked with apraxia or my 'accent.'

Could you even just imagine a world where everyone had accents? To the point that they became so natural, we would be able to disregard them? It would be crazy and kinda cool! I suppose if everyone had accents, we would not pay much attention to how others talk and pay more attention to what they say.

So, for once, I am very much enjoying seeing somebody that does not see my accent. They see my wit, my jokes, and my intelligence while the world around us only hears how cool and different our accents are.