Seeing Past A Disorder

Looking back on my most influential supporters and connections during my Apraxia Journey; teachers, friends, extended family members, etc. 

Those most important to me all had something in common. 

They were able to see me for the individual I wanted and aspired to be; not for the disorder that I had. 

Some of my best friends, even from elementary school, are still my best friends today. Why?

The way they look and treated me as a non-verbal child is the same way they treat me now as an overly-opinionated adult. 

Some of my favorite teachers from second grade, middle school, to high school are forever my favorite teachers because these educators continued to communicate with me in the same fashion they communicated to my 'typical' peers. 

By treating me the same and treating me as equals to those, technically, more 'intelligent' than me simply made me feel more comfortable in pursuing my dreams and goals. 

I didn't feel like a lesser student or a lesser person because, again, they treated me as an equal despite my disorder. 

I wish there was a simple way to find such connections. Perhaps it's a process of Trial-and-Error. 

However, I can never express truly how fortunate I am to have made these connections to get me (and my parents) through the Apraxia Journey.