Life Update

It`s been a while since I last blogged, and typically I`d be disappointed for falling off  the blogging bandwagon. But at this point in my life journey, I`m more excited and focused on other life pursuits that seems to keep me going.

Back in June, I became a part of the Great Resignation. I was actually given 3 different job offers within 2 weeks of each other, and ultimately decided to go for a Paralegal role with a cybersecurity company, called Venafi. This is an industry I have been interested in just given the constant growth of technology in our society, but this is also an industry that is very different from my 6 years of experience in Entertainment and Theme Parks. The company and the team are great; it`s been a fully remote position for years prior to COVID and now I get to work from home as a stay-at-home dog mom to my rescue dog McTavish. To say the least, I love that my commutes are walking my dog around the block and I love having a flexible schedule. I also love being a part of an industry that seeks to provide real-life solutions daily.

Also back in March, I got into Law School. It was an exciting milestone, but spent the week crying my eyes out-and not out of happiness. I realized after taking the entry exam 3 times, spending the money on applications, etc. I didn`t want to go! It seemed like the simplest of questions I should have asked myself prior to all of the work to just get there. 

So within the same week of accomplishing something I thought I wanted, I did a completely 180- I said no to law school and applied to MBA programs instead. I realized my interest in legal, wasn`t really with the law itself- it was applying strategic moves and decisions within corporate transactions-from insurance auditing and even Human Resources policies. I enjoy application - I do not enjoy law, nor theorizing the differences of `may` and `shall.` With COVID, many academic entry exams were waived so I was able to apply to various MBA programs with just my resume and transcripts alone.

Fast forward  today, I am working full time for Venafi and practically going to school full time for my Masters in Business  Administration at Penn State University, taking 3 courses so about 9 credits each semester. 

I am also dating an amazing guy and have been for 2.5 years. Our dates revolve around our weekend bike rides, hipster coffee and brunch spots. Conversations are either stresses from school, work, or catching up on whatever family drama either of us have.

In one of our discussions, which inspired this post, he said rather bluntly `You`re not that Apraxia little girl anymore.`

And he`s right. 

My goal growing up and when I envisioned myself as a fully functional adult was to ensure I used my hard work ethic, perseverance, and intelligence to find my success and to not have a disability or disorder inhibit my success or define me.

No, I am not the little girl with Apraxia anymore. I am not in a position to blame bullies and Apraxia for my life choices, fears and anxiety. I am in a position to reap the benefits and pursue the best version of myself. I am a grown woman that is making decisions to improve herself and be her image of success; sure I may have been given a questionable deck in the beginning of the journey-but that deck presently doesn`t seem to inhibit the new, great cards I am getting every day.

Ultimately I try to be the best version of Aly I can be. And each day I feel closer and closer to being just that-even though I still can`t do laundry and fold on the same day. 

For any parents reading this right now, in complete doubt or shaken from the early days of your child`s journey I truly believe you wish to see your child reap the great opportunities of school, dating, friends a successful adulthood, etc. . I suppose this post is to serve as a reminder that this is my journey thus far and even though each path is different and unique, I am sure you and your child will find their own successes on their own journeys.