Life Update: 2022

 Hi All,

In the course of advocacy and sharing what my life looks like as an adult with Apraxia, figured I`d share a simple life update going into 2022.

I am currently going into my second semester at Penn State for my Masters in Business Administration. It`s a little crazy to think about, but for some reason this all seems more `real` than it did the first semester. Perhaps that means I`m just settling into my routine.

I also have A LOT of trips planned this year (which I`m hoping still pans out with this Omicron variant looming). So far I`ll be in Vegas for the Apraxia Kids Conference in July, but I am also planning on going to 3 new states this year as part of my bucket list-trying to get to all 50 states by the time I`m 50 years old! (Made it to 28 so far!) Connecticut, Vermont, and Oregon are on my list for this year-so would appreciate any recommendations!

Other than that, hoping for a happy and healthy year as I continue to work full-time, go to school for my MBA, and of course continue to volunteer and serve with Apraxia Kids. Oh, and also have another great year with my rescue dog McTavish.

Wish I had some specific New Years Resolutions, but after 2020 I pretty much stopped that practice to keep my sanity.