Dear Reader

Dear Reader, 

If you are still following my Facebook page and even this blog, thank you! 

I've been on a personal and professional journey over the last couple of years; I suppose this will continue as I turn 30 years old in October!

Anyways, my Apraxia Advocacy and Blogging took a different route. Candidly I put it on the back burner given everything going on. 

For the last couple of years:

  • I've worked full time in Legal Operations for a cyber security company, affording me to be a Stay At Home Dog Mom to my goofy dog, McTavish.
  • I've also been attending Penn State for my Masters in Business Administration. I graduate in December of this year and can finally see the light at the end of the tunnel. 
  • For fun and adventure, I also got my Motorcycle License! I enjoy riding around town on the weekends even if it's just to get coffee. Of course I have my bright pink bow on my helmet so all drivers know to be kind to the lady rider. 

All in all, the journey from having Apraxia, to living with this 'accent,' and just living life to the fullest has been a joy. 

It's great to be living my journey, but better yet looking at the next generation of Apraxia Stars and all they will accomplish. I was just at the Apraxia Conference in Plano, Texas and seeing all the resources, knowledge, and community-I just know the next generation of Apraxia Stars will have all the tools needed to live their life to the fullest and communicate everything they want to share with the world.